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Offering water to a stray dog

He who rescue street dog, supports a noble cause!

LTTW is dedicated to rescue street dogs with timely treatments and attention. Not all street dogs get chance of adoption and their injuries are so grave, they cannot be left back on the roads. Rescuing and feeding innumerable voiceless stray dogs is not easy. Your support will help us in sterilizations and treatments of street dogs to give them the life they deserve.

Support Street Dogs: Tale of Tails

Stray dog eating food


Old dogs are the cutest ones. More than thirteen years old Dustin needs your help. He is an old dog suffering from arthritis, malnourishment, skin diseases and many other conditions. You can support him by sponsoring medicines, food or blankets to help him in his last days. 

Stray dog on roads


Heaven. He is a case of deliberate relocation. He needs a foster care until his exact location is discovered. You can help in contributing towards the foster care of heaven by donating in kind. 

Stray dog injured


Blacky is a victim of hit and run case. He is badly injured and has deep wounds. He is presently undergoing his treatment at NDMC Moti Bagh. You can help him by contributing in his vet visits or medicines. ​

Stray Dog Coffee


Coffee is a victim of inhumane activities of some dog-haters. He has been poisioned by some cruel humans. Coffee has been rescued is undergoing his treatment. Help us in saving his life. Even small is big for his treatments and medicines.

Support Now!

spaying/neutering of stray dogs

Let your support transform their lives forever. Let The Tails Wag once again

If you have questions about how to help stray dogs in India? Contact us at +91 9582024994. Every contribution is valuable. You can support a stray dog by our hassle-free donation methods. Ways to help:

*Google Pay
*Internet Banking

Don't worry. You support goes directly to a needy stray dog. We will provide you with the donation receipt of your valuable contribution.

If you care, support your local street dogs.

Your support will give a new life to stray dog on death bed. No gesture of compassion is tool small when done with love and gratitude. If you want to how your support will help a stray dog, visit our donate for strays page.

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