Story-They called me Brownie

They called me Brownie
Somewhere along the banks of Yamuna, I was born. We were a big family, I grew up little by little learning to be what people called a dog.
Every day it was a struggle to find food and water the difficult part was keeping it to urself from the other dogs. I and my sister were the only survivors of my litter. Despite the struggles, there was the fun part of running n playing in the vast open grounds no care, no fear our life went by.
One fine day something changed inside of me, I could sense something growing inside of me I could not understand what was happening to me I kept on being my silly old self carefree as ever.
As the days passed by I started becoming fatter and fatter and got exhausted very easily finally I realized that I was about to become a mother myself. And I had to find a place to keep my babies safe. 
I searched and searched for a place for myself but my inexperience failed me at all times. I found a place fenced up with no movement of man or dog. The day of my due came I made myself comfortable between a wall and a fence.
Then came 6 little bundles of joy and I had no idea what to do with them they were whining and crying and I was helpless alone in the misty cold. I was so confused that I used to sit at a distance and watch my pups as they cried and scattered here and there.
One day a human came to see me I did not know what to do she was calling me but I have never been touched by humans so I kept my distance. Then she came again with some people I was terrified and started barking on her not knowing what to do. 
After she went I checked on my pups they were safe she had left warm bedding for me to sleep. Then two more humans used to come daily to feed me. They used to call me with the same word brownie and it was the same word every time they used to come it was then I realized that it was my name. The lucky me I have a name. Somehow I learned to trust them and used to welcome them by wagging my tail and expressing my joy but never allowed them to touch me. Through the rain and cold me and my pups survived without a roof on our heads.
Days passed by my kids grew and can now run n play and I never expected to keep them alive for all these days and finally, I hope they all make it.

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