Spay/neuter is the only Humane way to help stray dogs [Act Now!]

stray dog litter
Why spaying/neutering of stray dogs is important?

You cannot change the lives of all the stray dogs, but you can change the lives of some of them by spaying/neutering stray dogs! 

There are countless benefits for spaying/neutering stray dogs in your city and it is perhaps the only humane way to curb their growing population. 

Delhi is overpopulated with stray dogs loitering around for food, water, and shelter. In fact, a notable number of street dogs are euthanized every day for different reasons. One of the most prominent reasons for increasing stray dogs is the pitiable solid waste disposal systems. 

A WHO study conducted in the 1990s reveals that sterilization and vaccination is the only humane way to deal with stray animals and the threat of catching communicable from them. The study also says that an order of a lower court in Delhi also asked the government to sterilize and vaccinate stray dogs instead of killing them.

If you’ve ever visited a shelter and felt sorry about the life of stray dogs but did nothing then you have encouraged the shelter homes to welcome a new joinee behind those stinky cages, perhaps. 

Having said that, I mean that just feeling sorry about their condition and overpopulation of stray dogs won’t help. It’s time to do something for mankind and well as those canines. 

Killing the stray dogs inhumanely is definitely not the end to this problem, spaying or neutering time is! Apart from eradicating the human-dog conflict, you are also going to make a big difference in the lives of street dogs. Here are some of the canine-friendly facts of spay/neuter stray dogs:

Right time for spaying/neutering


spaying/neutering of stray dogs

Wondering when is the right time to spay or neuter the street dogs? If you go by the good rule of thumb, the right age of neutering or spaying a stray dog is when the dog crosses the 6-month mark. You can still consult the nearby vet or any animal helpline for stray dogs for a better understanding. 

Spaying/neutering of stray dogs has health benefits too! 


Healthy dog sleeping after spaying/neutering

One of the major benefits of spaying or neutering the canines is that you can easily prevent unwanted litters. Also, you are improving the health of the dog by getting them sterilized. Timely spaying of female stray dogs lessens the probability of developing uterine and prostate cancer and spaying allows them to live a healthier and longer life. The practice of sterilization in dogs also helps in preventing bad temperament, behavior by reducing aggression. 

Spaying/neutering of stray dogs is Cost-effective and Humane 


sterilized stray dog in shelterAll dog lovers would agree. The site of a voiceless screaming in pain is daunting and upsetting. You stand by the street dogs in adverse situations but not are fortunate enough to get instant help after an accident or a bad hit. Sometimes there are medical conditions that run thousands of dollars and time doesn’t allow you to arrange funds. Sterilization to avoid such adversities or difficult times is the most humane and affordable alternative for society. 

Actions speak louder than words!


A handful of studies on pet behaviors show that sterilization of stray dogs plays an important role. By spaying or neutering a street dog, you are assisting to protect them against certain medical conditions. It also helps you address unwanted litters, save money, and save lives by plummeting overpopulation. If you want to know how spaying female dogs are beneficial, you can give the Inspiring recovery story of stray dog attacked with acid a read. This rescue story tells how sterilization played an important role in our Golden’s rescue. 

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