Everything You Need To Know About How To Rescue Stray Dogs

Rescue Stray Dogs

Encountering a weeping stray dog on the road is indeed a daunting sight and feeling. Lets’ face it. It happens with most of us and most often, when we are helpless. But in such a situation question that strikes our minds is How to rescue stray dogs. Not all of us are well-versed with giving first aid to the stray dogs.



The ones who have a soft corner for animals would be able to relate to the predicament of that situation. Fret not. Our comprehensive guide on how to rescue a stray dog will help you get complete information about rescuing stray dogs or at least offering them the first aid.

Points To Remember When You Rescue Stray Dogs

Be Empathetic but be careful too !

injured dog

Most of the time, it happens that when an animal is injured or is in distress, there are chances that the animals don’t understand your intentions with them and may become aggressive or impatient. Don’t worry. It’s nothing they have become attacking. It’s just that they are in extreme pain and are unable to raise their voice for it. 


Be patient and careful with the dog throughout the process. Don’t touch the dog if you think that the dog is frightened or scared. If the dog gets more scared, he may try to escape from the place and might make the situation tough for you.


Just keep observing the behaviour and movements of the dog. It is possible that you don’t own a pet and don’t have any leash to confine the dog. In such cases, you can look around and search for a piece of cloth or a rope to catch the dog so that it may not harm itself by running on the roads. 


If the dog is unable to move and is lying in between the way, then try diverting the traffic to the other side of the road to let the stray dog feel safe and secure.

Save yourself when you rescue stray dog

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There are possible chances that out of fear or angst or pain the dog may unintentionally scratch or bite you. To avoid such incidents, reassuringly approach the stray dog and give the dog time to trust you. Yes. They do understand if someone is helping them or hurting them. The best way to get their attention and trust is by offering them food and water. 


In such situations, usually, the injured stray dog gets deprived of food and water. You can try keeping a bowl of water in front of them or offer them some biscuits to gain their trust. Meanwhile, please get in touch with some nearby Dog care center. 

Try putting the injured dog in your car

Sometimes when our intentions are pure, even the dog in distress understands and cooperates. If you were able to arrange a rope or cloth or leash, then try taking the stray dog to your car so that the dog may feel safe. But if the dog doesn’t allow you to do the same, doesn’t force. Just keep a close watch on the dog, until you get any help. The situation remains the same as any other animal.

Google it: try browsing nearby Dog care Center

Are you failing to rescue the stray dog? Unable to restrain the dog? The best thing in such a situation would be taking help from a nearby animal shelter Delhi. You can immediately call the local shelters for rescuing a dog. It would be great for the needy and injured dog if you may stay with the dog until the dog gets veterinary attention or ambulance. 

Inform the emergency helpline number about the dog’s condition and guide them with your accurate location.

Be extra careful if you are taking the dog to the nearest animal shelter

If you are confident enough about the dog’s behaviour, then it would be great if you may take the stray dog to the nearest animal shelter for immediate treatment. But we are repeating that you should not hurt yourself in the process.

Want to take the injured dog home?   

benefits of spaying/neutering of stray dogs

Many times it happens that the loud cries of the dog touch you, that you want to take the dog home. But you should make sure that if you already have pets at home, then you need to keep the injured dog away from them to avoid dissemination of infections. The best part of rescuing a dog is about making the dog believe that you are saving his life, and his pain shall end soon. But, if you are not competent or experienced with handling an injured stray dogthen seek veterinary care for the dog immediately.

What about future rescues?

In the process of attending to the distressed dog, you didn’t realize that knowingly or unknowingly you have become an animal rescuer. Haven’t you? If you were able to help the injured dog, then it’s excellent and if you were not then also you have got some hints or lessons for your next rescue. Here’s how you can prepare yourself for your subsequent rescue.


  • You can keep travel, water bowls and food bowls with you and some good food too, if possible.
  • You can also keep the first aid kit ready to help stray dogs. Some of the essential items for a stray dog’s first aid box are:
  1. Emergency animal helpline numbers
  2. Antibiotic ointment
  3. Dettol/ Savlon liquid
  4. Gloves
  5. Bandage, Doctor Tape, Scissors
  6. Wet Wipe
  7. A Blanket
  8. A leash or a leash like cloth or rope

Final Takeaways

Life is full of uncertainties, especially for the voiceless animals. When going unnoticed even for a few minutes, a kind and needy soul may fail to survive. But the few crucial minutes and attention of your life could give a new experience to a voiceless. Next time when you see an injured stray dog or any other animal don’t forget to show your heroism and humanity by doing your bit. And these voiceless souls will be grateful to you throughout their lives and maybe beyond that. 


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