Life of a Stray dog

help stray dog

An attempt to become Voice of this Voiceless…
”A Wish of A Stray Dog”
In his this sound and calm sleep, he might be dreaming of a happy home, where he is surrounded by his Humans, a cozy bed and a juicy Bone.
Or he might have got tired of spending hours without water in this scorching heat and searching for his food in the garbage and ending up with being hit by stones.

He might be dreaming of a life where he doesn’t have any fleas on him which disturb him whenever he tries falling asleep and his human cuddling with him and putting his NOTIX DEODORANT on him after Bath. A day where he doesn’t have to sit under the cars to get proper shadow and waking up by the car doors opening or shutting or to dig a den inside a plain ground to feel safe.

He might be running away from the humans who are chasing him to throw him out of their place, making a promise to his human to adopt him as he is tired of being a STRAY and telling his human that he won’t chew their shoes and would always obey and protect them till his last breath, could be asking God to send him someone who would really care for him in his last years…

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