5 inspiring stories of dogs – Man’s Best Friend (Read Now!)

Dog friend

When it comes to the ever-evolving bond of humans and Man’s best friend, the introduction is not needed. It’s a no-brainer. Since time immemorial, the canine friends of humans have always been proving their unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship with humans. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is a perfect example of unconditional love, where a dog waits for nine long years for his dead owner and finally dies. If such remarkable stories inspire you, then this blog is going to be your perfect visit.

I will let you dive deep into five inspiring stories of a dog, and by the end, I am sure you will at least have some idea why dogs are referred to as “Man’s Best Friend”.

injured dog and man

Story 1 – Protecting the Owner

This story is from Brazil, one fine day owner took his dog out for exercise in a field and was attacked by robbers and tried to rob him they hit him on the head that’s when the dog went into action, jumping up to attack the robbers and made them flee from the sight.

During the fight, the dog sustained some injuries, and with the proper treatment, he recovered.

Source: mentalfloss.com

Story 2 – Waiting is never-ending

Humans are sometimes heartless. Just because their dog has turned old and is now facing health issues, they just abandon the poor animal and leave him to die. But then, dogs are incredibly loyal.

It is a story of a dog from Japan; his owner abandoned him as he became old. However, this dog waited for 2 years for his owner to return! It was the rainy season, and this dog used to come again and again at the owner’s house and wait for the owner to let him in, but it didn’t happen for him, and the poor dog ended dying on the streets.

Source: India.com

Story 3 – Man’s Best Friend turned police dog

It is my favourite story, so it comes from our own “City of Joy” Kolkata. In 2017 a stray dog rescued by West Bengal police, this stray dog was rescued from stone-throwing children in the street and when the rescued dog was bleeding and in a deplorable health condition. But then he recovered and emerged as a top dog in elite bomb- and drug-sniffing for West Bengal police. Given picture is an actual photo of a dog during a drill at bomb squad campus, West Bengal.
Source: Gulfnews.com

Story 4 – Saving the Kid

It is a story of Leo, who saved the life of a 10-year old girl when a much larger dog attacked her. Leo threw himself in the fight and tried his best to keep the girl from a giant dog that was biting the kid. Sadly Leo died of injuries he sustained during the conflict.
Source: topdogtips.com

Story 5 – Street HERO

The final story comes from Chennai. On a late-night, a woman was on the way to her home a male (former colleague) attacked her. The man tried to stab the women and our Hero (2 stray dogs) came in between and saved her. Both dogs bit him on hand and engaged the man in fighting because of which woman get some time and able to receive help from local people. Finally, the police arrested the man.

These were some of the most inspiring stories of man-dog love and forever bond. Which story did you like the most? Comment below and share your views.

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