How to help Street Animals during Rainy Season

monsoon dog

COVID-19 has already troubled people a lot, and now Delhi is experiencing heavy rains at this moment. Take a moment and think about how homeless animals are surviving this pandemic & now monsoon. Due to COVID-19, they are already dying due to hunger, and now monsoon has come to worsen the situation for them at a higher level. 


It is not that people are not aware of this situation; some people and animal activists are well aware of this situation and keeping no stone unturned for helping stray animals. 


If you are an animal lover and want to help, these homeless animals tackle the wrath of the rain gods. Here are some ways: 

1) Contact nearest Animal Shelter – One of the most significant issues that street animals face during the rainy season is the absence of a permanent shelter for them. If you found street dogs near your vicinity in poor condition, you can contact the nearest animal shelter. 


2) Food – Important essential for everyone, Right! In a normal situation, people do keep food and water for street animals, but during this rainy season, food gets washed away. One needs to take care of this point. Also, we know this fact that water is the source for most diseases to rise in, the water that we provide for them is dealt with carefully. Along with street dogs, cattle and birds are also being taken care of likewise.


Note – If you care for street animals and want to support one. You can sponsor or support a dog at Let The Tails Wag where you can transfer a small amount, and this money will help LTTW to feed the street dogs. Let The Tails Wag currently feed an approx 70 stray dogs daily. 


3) Vaccination – During the rainy season, the disease can grab these homeless animals very quickly. First aid, medical needs, and regular check-up are required. Suppose you found any stray animals in lousy health and have no clue how to help him. You need to search for the nearest vet and if this doesn’t work, contact the nearest animal welfare or animal shelter.


4) Volunteer:  You can become a volunteer at Let The Tails Wag. Your responsibility will be to monitor the feeding and health of street dogs. All you need to download the form, fill your information and email at To download the form 

So, next time if you see homeless street animals try feeding them, help them stay healthy and free of infections.

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