How do dogs choose their favourite Human?

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We don’t choose our dogs; they choose us. I think we all are well aware of this saying.

There’s always a pup, dog or any other animal that turns an animal hater into an animal lover. It starts with one!

For some, the answer to the question; how do your canine friends choose their humans, would be – ‘the one who feeds him once or twice’?

But that’s not right! It is perhaps a myth we as humans have believed since ages.

For our furry-friends, love isn’t necessarily about FOOD only. It is just a part of it. Various factors influence any animal, especially a dog’s decision to choose their owner or their favourite Human. Here in this blog, we have explained a few.

1. Dogs are very receptive during the initial years for socialization.


dog with his favorite human

Various studies say that dogs are very adaptive during their growing years, usually the initial six months when it comes to socializing with humans and their other mates. Every memory, whether small or big plays a massive role in the life of a pup and he/she remembers it throughout their lives. It is thus advisable to train and make them learn affection, mannerism and alertness. They will choose their favourite Human as how they are being raised. Like human kids, the mannerism of your pet will be a true reflection of his owner’s interactions and communication skills. As a responsible pet parent or even a guardian of a stray dog, you must start socializing your dog during the initial years of their growth.

2. Compassion, care and attention build a strong bond between dogs and humans.


dogs being cuddled and taken care of

Many times it happens that your dog is less attached to you even when you are the one who takes care of his feeding, bathing, vet visits and the like. He is more attached to some other family member who doesn’t even perform such chores. A dog chooses another person maybe apart from being associated with the cooking and timely feeding; that person is more associated with communicating and spending time with him than you. As mentioned earlier, as well, dogs don’t want food all the time. They have various other reasons as well to which they wag their tails! Even if you are doing nothing for your pet, a dog will never ditch you or hurt your feelings. But, dogs choose their favourite Human very smartly.

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3. Optimistic and encouraging alliance plays an important role. 


dogs sitting at home

Have you ever been a part of a dog’s or rather a pup’s training sessions? Have you ever considered the treats offered to the puppy by his trainer whenever he responds well to his commands? It is how an encouraging alliance plays a crucial role in the life of dogs. Dogs always love attention, and when they are praised for doing something great, and they are still going to remember their unique Human. Thus, try to make your pet or even a newly rescued dog learn about certain mannerism or the basic rules to behave intelligently and obey what you say to them. It is going to leave a lasting and encouraging impact on your bond and relationship.

4. When human personality matches their dogs’ behaviour.


Dogs traveling with human

Dogs have a habit of falling for their humans who team up well with their level of energy and behaviour. They always tend to choose their favourite Human, who understands them well from their primary to special needs and requirements. Like humans, some dogs are reserved or introvert, while others are born with playful and extrovert thinking. Dogs tend to choose their favourite Human that matches their interests as well as their likes and dislikes. Apart from this, there are some dogs that regardless of their breed, prefer to choose a single human. Such dogs tend to not pair well with more than one Human.

Before you go


Becoming your dog’s favourite person is extremely easy and full of fun. There’s nothing wrong in it at all if your dog doesn’t pair well with you when you bring him home for the first time. Following the points mentioned above, tips and tricks is going to help you become your dog or pets’ favourite Human. Spending a quality time of even 30 minutes is enough to bond amazingly well with your dogs or any other pet.  

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