COVID 19 Warriors vs. Stray Warriors: A Pawsitive Initiative to Help Stray Dogs

Ittika-Duggal-Help Stray Dogs

Lives during COVID-19 came to a halt, while the ownerless and helpless stray dogs witnessed a profound upheaval in their lives due to deprivation of food and water. 

Humans were bound to be confined inside their homes, but the homeless stray dogs were bound to die of starvation. Who’d help stray dogs, was a major concern for many animal lovers out there.

Who are COVID-19 warriors?

Covid-19 warriors are the people who are selflessly working towards saving lives like on-duty doctors, paramedics, police force, Municipal authorities, local administration and others. But people who are devoting themselves to help stray dogs aren’t the stray warriors too?

Who are Stray Warriors?

Stray warriors are the people devoted for the cause of stray animals, through their own resources, especially in present context of Covid-19 pandemic.

Challenges Faced

In the initial days of COVID-19-led lockdown, daily feeding of stray dogs became a major challenge due to the restrictions imposed by the law enforcement authorities. But then, queries started pouring in about the apathy faced by stray animals and animals at large due to hunger, thirst, sickness and death.

While home essentials went off-shelf for humans, food leftovers went off-roads for stray dogs. Even the routine feeders were struggling to resume their rescue and daily feeding of the strays.

It is an undeniable fact that rumors during the times of pandemic, rumors spread like wildfire. It becomes mandatory to counsel people who started shooing the dogs away to stop the spread Corona virus. Ittika counseled people about the spread and contamination of corona virus and that there are no such evidences to prove that it can spread from animals.

Animal Activists –A Ray of Hope for Stray

As an avid dog lover; Authorized Colony Animal Caretaker, recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India, Government of India; an Animal Activist; Founder, Let The Tails Wag (LTTW); and Member, People for Animals (PFA) (Founder- Smt. Maneka Gandhi), Ittika Duggal’s responsibilities to help stray animals include feeding, ensuring immunization, sterilization, relocation, adoption and fostering especially that of domesticated and stray dogs, extending first-aid and subsequent medical assistance and relocation of the ailing and injured animals, attending to distress calls from local and nearby areas and redressal of issues in association with the concerned animal welfare authorities and agencies.

Efforts of LTTW

Initiatives like Let The Tails Wag (LTTW) is an initiative dedicated to feeding, sterilizing, rescuing of stray animals in distress and also helps in fostering and adoption of stray animals, especially stray dogs.

LTTW is a four-wheeled rescue service for four-legged furry friends, came forward as Warriors (Saviours) of stray animals.

During the prevailing difficult times, LTTW, Led by Animal Activists, like Ittika came forward to help strays in distress. Ittika Duggal single-handedly feeds over 70 stray dogs every day in and around Sector-4, R.K. Puram (SW Delhi). Apparently, the number went on increasing with every extension in lockwdown.

When contacted for her comments, Ittika said, “It was hard to see street dogs scrounging for food and water. With the help of Smt. Maneka Gandhi, I extended my feeding areas to reach as many needy strays as I could on foot. With the timely help of Maneka mam, I was able to get my ‘Feeders’ Pass’. 

E-movement Pass for Stray Dogs

The provision of e-pass then came as a blessing in disguise for animal feeders. It assisted feeders to help stray dogs.

With her sanitized car fully loaded with dog food, water bowls and medicines, gloves, sanitizers, masks, face shield, etc., Ittika would routinely put on her protective gear and feed the voiceless animals. For this selfless and noble cause, good Samaritans also came forward to support stray dogs.

Apart from feeding, Ittika also started placing water bowls at various feeding areas in and around her locality, Sector-4, R.K. Puram, to help stray dogs. Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown, i.e., mid-March onwards this year, her zeal and mission to help stray dogs have never dwindled.Water Bowl For Stray Dogs

One of LTTW’s supporters Ms. Prabha commented, “During this global pandemic situation when people are even afraid of coming out of their homes, Ittika relentlessly feeds and rescues the helpless stray dogs and I truly appreciate her efforts”.

Let The Tails Wag, an initiative of Ittika Duggal, is self-financed by her through her own resources and no outside financial assistance from any agency(ies) or individual is utilized for the cause of the strays.

The voluntary donation received from individuals is in the form of feed/ food which is directly fed to the strays.ini

Support the Cause

It’s never too late to help stray dogs. You can become the voice of these voiceless by lending a helping hand to LTTW. The strays can be fostered by taking one or more responsibilities of taking care of the strays or otherwise, these can be adopted in individual or group for the lifetime of the stray. Furthermore, if you can’t adopt at least support a dog.


Have questions or suggestions? You can Get in Touch with the helpline numbers given below in case you want to support/ foster or adopt a dog.

Make a change in their lives! Do your bit now!


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