Inspiring recovery story of stray dog attacked with acid

Golden Female Stray Dog

Golden (a female stray dog) is one of my favorite rescues so far. She came to me as a burnt case and she was a victim of hit and run case as well. She had a fractured leg and was in extreme pain but nothing much serious that a dedicated treatment and love couldn't fix, fortunately!

I had no any idea from where did she come but I could see in her eyes that she wanted me to fight for her. She is probably the stray dog who was hated by all and to the extent that she was attacked with acid or burnt with something hot.

stray dog in ditch

She had either lost her way or had been relocated as she didn’t belong to this place. This kind of cruelty against stray dogs is perhaps an activity done by people with the mentality of “kutta hi to hai” and then come up saying that stray dogs maul and bite them.

She used to cry and growl each and every night. She sometimes snapped at me, she might have lost her trust on humans. I couldn’t see her pain and loud cries and knew that I had to save her. So I decided to send her for treatment.

With the help of #pawsforacause I got her treatment and sterilization done at Dr. Ansari Pet Clinic And Surgery. She came back after her sterilization and treatment and was quite active until one day she caught Parvo.

Life has been unfair with her a lot many times. Golden stopped eating, drinking and even responding to me. She started isolating herself from other dogs. She started sitting and hiding herself in a ditch. She didn’t lose hope, though. And when she was ready to fight for her survival, why couldn’t I? 

I sent her to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre for her treatment. I am still delighted by the funds and donations I received at the time of her treatment. It helped me saving her life and giving her the best treatment. At that time I realized no amount is small. And with this small donation for stray dogs, you can also make a difference in their lives.    

They said it is hard to save her, it was last stage, probably. But prayers and effort worked and golden started responding to the treatment positively. She fought well and started recovering. She had become very weak when she came back, ribs were almost protruding, bones could be easily seen. She ate well but she then had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. She then caught jaundice may be she had a very weak immunity that she caught every other disease. 

Thankfully she responded to all her treatments very well and today GOLDEN is a happy girl adapting her new place, making new friends, playing with her new mates. Almost all of my other stray dogs gang has accepted her.

She’s adjusted to her “Forever Home” very well, and loves playing with her favorite ball and other toys. Watch the below video, she’s grown into a happy and healthy girl, and I couldn’t lover her more. She is spoiled and rotten and loves me unconditionally.

Fortunately, Golden is a stray dog who got rescued but there are many others who fall victim to acid attacks and other deadly cruelties. Next time when you see any cruelty against stray dogs happening around you, immediately contact us at +91 958 202 4994


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