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Dog with Veterinarian

'Kind humans can make a better world for the voiceless'

Let The Tails Wag envisions inculcating a feeling of sympathy and compassion in the minds of people through whatever tiny bit Ittika Duggal can dedicate her life for the cause of these selfless servants of mankind so that this earth becomes a better place to live in for the voiceless stray dogs.

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Support a dog

Stray dogs hit hardest by pandemic situations like COVID-19 occur. Your smallest donation and food contributions for needy voiceless will help them survive.

Adopt a dog

A stray dog died on the street waiting for you thinking that someday you’d take him home. You can change a life on roaming on street by adopting a stray dog today. 

Donate for dog

The voiceless stray dogs will thank you forever for your valuable contributions made to save their lives. Donate for stray dogs to save them.

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Happy dogs can do a lot to your personality

LTTW changed the world of these street dogs by rescuing them. Shera, Golden and Kishi are enjoying their lives to the fullest. Their 'wagging tails' make us happy...

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If you see any injured stray dog or if you want to help stray dogs on streets, you can reach out to us connect@letthetailswag.com or call us at 9582024994. LTTW team offers the best on-spot treatment to stray dogs.

If you are rescuing a stray dog and don’t know where to take the dog in emergency situations, you can contact LTTW. It will help you in taking the dog to the nearby veterinary clinic

Adopting a stray dog is always a great idea and a life-changing initiative for the stray dog. By adopting a stray you are indirectly working towards giving them a second chance. 

You can donate for stray dogs on authenticate and reliable platforms like LTTW. Your donation of any kind is directly going towards helping a stray dog.