Street Dogs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

You can help stray dogs in Delhi by being kind towards them and showing that you care. If you have little or no knowledge about taking care of street animals you take help from a nearby animal shelter. 

It needs strong dedication and determination to become a part of an NGO or to volunteer. At LTTW, we do it for free. You just need to ‘Volunteer at LTTW’ fill out and send a form containing some general details. 

While attending to an injured animal on the streets, you need to be both careful and attentive. You can help an injured street dog by giving basic first aid, especially if you are not PRO at it. Even if you cannot attend to the dog, you can immediately call your nearby shelter. 

Stray dogs should be given normal diet as we are usually unaware of their body will respond to certain foods. You can give them milk-soaked-bread, marie biscuits (as they are sugar free), dog food like Pedigree or Drools, etc. 

If you want to adopt a dog, we are doing it for free at LTTW. We have a list of adorable, cute and well-mannered dogs and puppies who are looking for their forever homes. For adoption queries, contact us at 9582024994. 

If you find a wounded stray dog, you first need to understand that the dog needs immediate attention to avoid the wound getting worsened. If you know how to give an initial medical care to a dog, then you can try locating a dog to an isolated or calm place, try comforting the dog and cover the face of the dog with a muzzle or a thread if possible to avoid any mishappening. Clean the wound with an antiseptic lotion and you can also bandage the wound.

Let The Tails Wag has become one-stop destination of people looking for rescuing stray dogs or immediate help for stray dogs. If you want to know the address, you can visit our Get in Touch page. 

No. You cannot get rabies from every dog. In fact, it is a virus that can be transmitted from any rabied animal you come in contact with. Due to the close relationship and proximity with humans, dogs are responsible for more 90% of human rabies cases. But if you care for them and your health as well, you can get at least one dog vaccinated. At some shelters in Delhi, anti-rabies vaccine is free.