I Was Rejected For Being A Girl-Elsa [Female Stray Dog]

I was born on the sand along the banks of the Yamuna along with 8 other siblings. One kind girl took mercy on us and shifted us into a room and gave us a roof on top of our heads, and through the monsoon, we survived.
She came in every day to give us fresh food and water. And we all greeted her with joy for she loved us all greatly. As we grew, so did our personalities we were 2 girls and 7 boys in all.

Since the beginning, I and my sister were popular with everyone for we were very beautiful and cheerful. As we grew we became more popular among the human for we entertained them with our playfulness. Soon another girl also used to visit us she used to put something on our bellies and give us a good massage(Tick Powder). We all enjoyed it and used to twist and turn as she wished.

As we grew we started falling sick and lost our appetites the medicine girl used to hold us by force and pore a horrible liquid into our mouths we all hated it. Soon one of my brothers passed away as the disease worsened. Lost another three of my siblings under the vehicles. Somehow the horrible liquid started making us even more hungry and we all started eating again.

I and my sister were the most liked among our litter in the human world. Everyone would only pamper us the most. One fine day I woke to see my sister just lying there and did not wake up again at all. Even she was not spared by the cars.

As life passed by people came and people left everyone wanted to take us home. They came played with me a lot but in the end, they took my brothers. I tried to impress them a lot but I was never taken. I had so much love to give but no ever choose me. I tried and I tried but I could find my very own human they all used a word they called GIRL and left.

I was never picked up until the end. But still every day I greet people with the same love and excitement as before but day by day the number of people who visited me reduced as I grew. They were more afraid of me than excited.
Life was never fair to me but still, I am loved by 4 girls and a boy who visit me daily and love me like their own.

This is a story of a young female puppy who was beautiful by birth but was, again and again, rejected for being a GIRL. We were her caretakers can tell one thing about her, she has so much love to give and is the best dog in terms of character in our campus. Probably her love is meant for us there wasn’t a lucky human who deserved her.

People have a misconception about female dogs that they can’t be adopted. We have so many dogs under our care and it’s the females that are the most intelligent, loving and the most caring ones. And for those who fear the females will have babies, the can be spayed(Birth Control Operation) at the age of 8 months to prevent them from multiplying. 

Hope this story of little ELSA that’s what I call her changes your perspective about female puppies.

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