Donate For Stray Animals

Stray dog sleeping on road

Show that you CARE!

If you can’t donate for hundreds, donate for ONE! BIG or SMALL, your every contribution goes directly into save lives of many homeless Stray Dogs.

Your Donation for Stray Dogs can change their lives forever.

Every single penny contributed helps in rescuing homeless injured and abandoned stray dogs.

happy stray dog

Every bit counts..

Your small contribution will add more to their future. Upon making any donation, you are directly doing your bit in feeding and caring for a needy soul. 

Medicines ..

Did you know their health condition deteriorates in seconds when left unattended? Donate medicines to help them get timely treatments. 

Food to Eat..

Think before throw. The food you just threw was a meal for a stray dog. You can donate unopened food to save dogs from dying of starvation.

Beds to Cuddle..

Each dog deserves comfort of a bed. You can donate used, unused beds for these voiceless. Come forward, their comfort is in your hands.

Where does your donation for stray dogs go?

sterilized stray dog in shelter

Join us in our Spay & Neuter Campaign

According to statistics, there are more than 1,89,285 stray dogs in Delhi alone. LTTW is aimed at getting stray dogs sterilized to reduce the number of strays and also to improve their health. Also, your donation will help vulnerable and needy stray dogs who either succumb to the scorching heat in summer or run over by vehicles, resulting in severe injuries.

You can also volunteer in supporting us in our Spay & Neuter Campaign. You must give it a try! They're worth it!