PANDA’S TALE – A Dog Rescue Story From Hurt To Heal

Dog Rescue

Slow down! You’re about to kill life on the street.

No one is unaware of animal-vehicle collisions. It is hard to predict a good number of stray animals killed on roads by speeding vehicles. 

No one will claim you, no cases will be registered, and no punishment would be given to you, but what about your soul? Would you be able to answer your inner voice about crushing that voiceless with your speeding vehicle?

What’s next?

You will continue your day as nothing happened, but you don’t even have any idea that you have completely changed the life of that innocent, voiceless life. And that too devastatingly! That stray animal might never be able to walk, see or breathe even. Not all strays are fortunate enough to die instantly. Some suffer throughout their lives after such incidents. 

Dealing with the aftermath of such accidents is not at all easy for any stray animal. Perhaps, not every dog gets immediate help from rescuers.

But another part of the story is that sometimes things are not in our control and mishappenings do occur. Sometimes unknowingly and unintentionally, we lose control over the vehicle and accidentally hit a stray animal on the roads. But you can still stop by and show your kindness towards that innocent life. You can save their life by timely contacting the nearby animal helpline.

Dog Rescue Story of Panda

Here’s a story of a stray dog, Panda. He was severely hit by a car that didn’t stop by. He was in extreme pain and was crying when we went to him. He was screaming in pain, but he trusted us and did not snap out on us while looking for the injuries.

Panda’s Inspiring Rescue: What we did?

Day 1: Searching for Panda 

Panda was hiding somewhere. Even after hours of search, we couldn’t find him.

Day 2: Panda diagnosed with Polytrauma!

We engaged Indigree Angles for dog rescue. We were stunned when we saw him terrified, crying, and traumatized. We were scared as there were fewer external wounds, but he had inflammation near his stomach. We were afraid as it seemed there was internal bleeding. But thanks to almighty! There was no internal bleeding. He has multiple fractures in his back limb. Due to extreme pain, he did not let us touch his leg, so we decided to sedate him to look carefully for other injuries and give him required medical treatment. His wounds were cleaned to avoid infections and flies. Panda was given pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce the swelling and pain.

Day 3: Rain worsened our worries

It rained! Yeah, and we got more worried about Panda. His wounds were fresh, and so was the bandage. And there were increased chances of severe fungal infections as Maggots can easily fester in open or wet wounds. Due to heavy rains and the absence of any shelter home, Panda needed regular bandages to ward off fungal infections.  

Panda’s Recovery

Days passed, and Panda’s treatment continued. Although slowly, but Panda is recovering and responding well to the procedure. Due to multiple fractures, Panda initially walked on three legs, but now he tries to stabilize his leg. His other medicines have been stopped, and we are continuing his calcium tablets for the next few months to repair the broken limbs. Here’s the magic…


We are happy to see Panda recover from Polytrauma, but Panda’s accident has alarmed us for the dire need of a shelter home for severely injured stray animals. We were able to provide immediate care and treatment to Panda, but we couldn’t find proper shelter and support. If you want to support this dog, then do let us know.

Last but not least, at Let The Tails Wag, we encourage you to use caution and drive safely to avoid such collisions.

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