Disco – A desire to live against all odds [Female Street Dog]

Female Stray Dog Disco

I have not seen her much of her childhood but Disco{female street dog} was part of a litter of six. They were all a part of rambunctious litter always known for getting into trouble many a time I had to break fights with the elder street dogs to keep them safe. Those days people had no idea about birth control in street dogs as the dogs multiplied the people started to agitate against them and the easiest excuse they could find was poisoning them to reduce the numbers.

Disco’s litter also faced the same fate four out of the six pups died on the same day only her brother Bruno survived the ordeal unharmed. While disco the female street dog was completely paralyzed the poison had affected her brain and she had lost complete motor control over her body.

 A boy who used to take care of the street dogs nursed her back to health she could not eat on her own had to be rolled over the back and feed liquid diet. Those days she could only drag her body everywhere she could not even walk. I came into contact with her when I was taking care of a litter. 

The first day we meet I was totally scared of her as she used to bark at me loudly her plus I had never seen any street dog in this condition she used to look as if she had fits all the time, even used to lean on walls to take support to walk. The only time she used be normal was when she was sitting or sleeping that’s the only time she would stop shaking.

 As the pups grew disco seemed to take on the role of their nanny licking and snuggling up to the pups as if they were her own. Every day I used to see her struggle her inability to walk normally would make her get stuck in bushes and pits and every time she had to rescue. But all this never stopped her from being as cheerful as possible. She has a habit of running from everyone who approaches her, and won’t stop running till she hears a familiar voice. She does not have the sense or the judgment of what to be scared of, in which direction to run, how to control her movement or even how to defend herself.
Once I tried feeding her that’s when I realized that she is not even able to pinpoint the place of the food she just picks on the plate like a bird if the food hits her mouth she swallows it, the shivering further makes it difficult for her to eat I had to hold her head for her to eat properly.

Life was difficult for her yet it never bothered her but even then people never spared her they treated her like a disease they chased her away from the other dogs used to ask me to keep the pups away from her as they will get infected.

But she had a beautiful side to her when you lift her up and put her in your lap she would just snuggle up to you and even her shivering would stop. She would love anyone and everyone who never thought she was different. On hearing my voice she would just drag she self though stones, thorns, bushes even get stuck at times and start crying but her determination never gave up.

Many I times I wanted to help her but I would let her do things on her own controlled myself to show sympathy on her just to let her get to learn to do things on her own. She would many a time venture into other territories and literally be torn to pieces yet the joy on greeting the people she knows would never get less. 
Till date, she is scared of loud noises and has no control over which direction she runs the crackers especially make her go crazy seeing her in that state kills me because she cannot be kept in a house as she knocks down everything and the other dogs don’t accept her like a normal dog.
I wanted to write about her because her life has never been easy on her but she is the happiest dog alive she just does not realize she is different according to her she is normal. No matter what life throws at her she never gave up. Her love is infinite to anyone who asks for it.
Disco has always inspired me with her strength, determination, and love. I just request all those who read these lines about disco not to differentiate dogs just because they are different or poison the stray to control their population as there free facilities for animal birth control in MCD.

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