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Unconditional love and wagging tails are waiting for you in the nearest shelter!

You are just one decision away from changing the life of a voiceless. If you want to adopt a dog and have any queries about the adoption process, please contact us at +91 958-202-4994. You will get complete information regarding the adoption process of stray dogs in Delhi.

Take Me Home - Adopt a puppy for free


Take your forever furry friend home today. Very friendly and well-mannered male pup. He is attentive to all the commands and abides by them.


Candy's innocence is something, you can't say no to. You will fall in love with her adorable head tilts. Candy is a vaccinated pup waiting for someone to cuddle with. Are you the one?


He needs a loving home. Is it yours? Picked from road, with full of maggots, he is a victim of 'hit and run'. You can make a big difference in his life by coming forward to adopt him.


I am a vaccinated fur-baby. I will steal your heart and not your shoes. I will never leave you. Do you think I deserve comfy laps and delicious food? If yes, please adopt me.

Note: Dear prospective adoptive parents there are chances that the above mentioned dogs have got their forever homes. But, we will help you with other adorable dogs who are still waiting. So kindly give us time to find the most playful and loving dog for your home.

How to Adopt?

Are you ready to take 'wagging tails' home? We thought you'd want to know the adoption process.

Learn 'how to adopt a stray dog in Delhi' and the adoption process. Adoption process with LTTW is easy and authenticated. You will get also get complete assistance regarding the health, food and vaccination-related queries about the dog.

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