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Donate For Stray Animals

Founded by Ittika Duggal in the year 2014, Let The Tails Wag is a brilliant initiative towards care for dogs in Delhi.

LTTW is about a concept of understanding the true values of life which Ittika Duggal happened to learn from the oldest friend of man, a Dog. In fact, if you happen to see the inverse image of the text DOG in a mirror, it reflects as GOD. We, as human beings, have been bestowed with awareness about our existence and to uplift our personality through our noble deeds. But a pet animal, especially a dog, has been bestowed with unselfish love and affection irrespective of the character of its owner or for that matter, its benefactor. Its only action in its life is to live and die for the purpose of serving its master by extending love and protecting him by paying by its life if an occasion so arises.

What Inspired Ittika?

The last day of her beloved pet BABA was Ittika's first step of rescuing stray dogs. This message of dedicated service to a cause was given to this animal activist by her only pet, BRUNO, a German Shepherd. It was not during his lifetime but after his untimely and sudden heavenly departure that she realized the true meaning of selfless service to the other beings, especially the stray animals, who are looked down upon by our civil society. Bruno gave her the inspiration towards care for dogs and animal shelter in Delhi.

Dog with shoe

About Ittika

Ittika Duggal is the founder of Let The Tails Wag. She began her journey with the organization when she was just 15 years old. Born in New Delhi in 1994, Ittika belongs to a background of journalism. She has worked with several reputed media organizations. While growing up, Ittika had an affinity for animals and was especially sensitive towards dogs. Not only this, she later on channeled her compassion by dedicating her entire life to the love and care for dogs. The reason behind this dedication and unconditional love was her pet, an adorable and the most intelligent German shepherd. She used to call him BABA with love.

AWBI Colony Care Taker

Ittika Duggal's Achievements

Recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India

Known for her unconditional love and care for dogs, Ittika Duggal has been authorized by the renowned Animal Welfare Board of India, as Colony Animal Caretaker of community animals. 

People For Animals

Dog Trainer​

Ittika Duggal is a proud member of eminent People for Animals. She actively deals cruelty against dogs and provides care in animal shelter in Delhi. Honourable Smt. Maneka Gandhi has awarded Ittika a Certification of Appreciation for her dedication

People for Animals PFA membership card
PETA membership card


Dog Trainer​

Ittika’s passion towards safety of animals and dog rescue in Delhi made her to go far above and beyond to help animals in distress. This endeavor was the reason why she opted to become a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  

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