8 Crazy Tips for First-time Stray Dog Owners

stray dog adoption

So finally you decided to bring your forever fur baby home? It is going to be both a joyous and nerve-racking experience for you and your family, especially when it’s your first time. Are you excited? Of course, you are. Unfortunately, your canine friends don’t automatically come with an owner’s manual that contains a list of every behavior and action. You may worry that you lack proper understanding and knowledge to keep your pet healthy, out of harm’s way, and entertained.   Don’t worry – here are some pet-friendly tips to transform you from a canine rookie into a savvy stray dog owner.

#Tip 1: Mind make-up


should I adopt a stray dog?

Bringing a stray dog home is certainly not a one-day affair; it is a lifetime commitment for both of you. You are taking a ground-breaking and life-changing step for you and your canine friend. You may have to sabotage your comfort to give that innocent voiceless, the life he deserves. Here are some important questions you need to ask yourself before bringing your furry friend in:



  • Do I really want a dog?
  • Do I have enough time to take him to his vaccination, training classes, and maybe other medical concerns?
  • Am I ready to take proper care of a dog? Will I make sure to timely feed him, give him a clean environment, freshwater, and walk him every day?
  • Can I handle dog fur or drool on my clothes and in my wardrobe? Am I willing to clean up every time a dog that sheds?
  • Will I be calm and not yell if he has mischief on the carpet or chews my favorite shoes?
  • Do I have enough time to find a quality veterinary visit and pet health counseling?

#Tip 2: Research work


Explore it online

If you are planning to bring a stray dog home, prior research is a must. Stray dogs are a bit different from pedigree dogs. Learn as much as possible about the dog and his behavior. Learn about his daily routine and how a stray dog behaves around people and other dogs on the internet. With stray dogs’ adoption, you need to be extra careful if you have children and other pets.


#Tip 3: Contact nearby animal helpline for counseling


Animal shelters or volunteers would be your one-stop destination to know and learn everything about stray dogs, their vaccination, behavior, and other things. It would also be great to contact your friends and family who have experience of petting a dog.

#Tip 4: Understand a dog’s basic needs


dog bowl and toy

Remember! You are not bringing a toy home; it is a living being just like a human baby. Your canine buddy would need more attention, care, and love than anything else from you. And for first-time owners entertaining every detail would be helpful.

#Tip 5: Find a nearby veterinarian clinic


vetrinary clinic

Life is so uncertain when it comes to pet emergencies. Having a complete understanding of the location of the best pet clinic around you is always a great idea. You can also contact the stray dog helpline to inquire.


#Tip 6: Stock up stray dog essentials


Just like the way you prepare your home and yourself before the birth of a human baby, you need to prep up your surroundings before welcoming a stray pup home. When handled with love and care, they make the best and the most loyal friends of humans. Learn about the best dog food, shampoos, bowls, and medications and stock it up.

#Tip 7: Dear Stray Dog Owner, get ready for EVERYTHING!


dog covered in mud

Yeah! By everything, we mean literally everything. From odd-time dog walks, adorable snoring, and hidden chewed stuff here and not to mention, poops! At least during the initial pet-owning days, you need to be patient with your dog and give him/her time to adjust to your home. If these things are new and challenging for you, they are difficult for them as well. At least you speak about how you are feeling, remember that!


#Tip 8: Be a responsible stray dog owner


Get ready for a lifetime commitment and forever love at your home. A stray dog turned friend that excitedly waits for you when you return back tired. He will take your worries and sorrows and will spoil you with his unconditional love. In return, he only wants you to be by his side all the time, cuddling, playing, and give him massages. In short, spoil him/her with love! If you want to know how dogs can change your life, give 5 Fascinating Reasons How Stray Dogs Improve Humans’ Lives a read!

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