6 Paw-Friendly reasons why animal lover makes ultimate Relationship Partner

couple with a dog best relationship partners

What are Animals to an Animal Lover?

Animals are a gift from above for they truly define the words unconditional love.

Did you ever happen to fall in love with someone passionate about animals? Animal lover makes a perfect companion and a caring parent. In fact, their overall personality is quite affectionate and sympathetic than others. Agree or not, but their compassion and care towards the voiceless animals create a unique attraction and affection. Having a partner as an animal lover is nothing less than a blessing. Animal lovers’ heart is full of emotions, sympathy, and unconditional love. Thus, prejudices are usually not what they believe in. Here in this blog, we will dive deep into the top reasons why animal lovers make the best relationship partners.


1. Animal lovers are the best relationship partners as they foresee your requirements


kitten feeding by animal lover

Animal lovers make ultimate partners as they learn to read delicate cues and offer what is required for the ones they love. As one researcher put it, ‘Like infants, animals cannot use words to express their requirements, and thus they need a caregiver to understand and provide for those needs.’  

2. Animal lovers are the best relationship partners as they are comfortable with unpleasant stuff


dog in mud

It is undeniable that someone associated with animal activities has to deal with many dirty things. From cleaning dirt from their fur, coping with their injuries filled with blood to cleaning their pees and poops, messiness is a part of their love. But, the good news for you as their companion or life-partner is that having a partner as an animal lover means they will be comfortable with how you smell a day after not having a shower. It doesn’t mean that animal lovers are not hygiene lovers. It’s about the fact that they are comfortable and adaptable with every unpleasant situation or circumstance. Your animal-loving partner will also have fewer issues with bodily fluids, yours, or their own.


3. Animal lovers are the best relationship partners because they can find pleasure in disarray


animal lover cleaning Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or olive oil…having an animal lover as a partner is always a great idea because they find pleasure in messy things. Cleaning up is part of their life too. They are usually very particular about keeping their surroundings as well as their relations. 


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4. Animal lovers are the best relationship partners as they are well aware of unconditional love


animal lover couple and dog

Animal lovers know the only way to show affection, and that is ‘pure and pious.’ They have learned the way to love from voiceless animals after all! These people make the best companions because they have acknowledged the pure and sane love of a pet, and they try to offer the same passion to both humans and animals in their lives. Animal lovers are fit, energetic, and active too. 


5. Animal lovers are the best relationship partners because they are the believers of love at first sight


animal lover couple with a dog

Most pet owners will tell you that their furry friends chose THEM, and things are not the other way around. Many animal lovers also feel that some animals are destined to be a part of our lives. Many others believe that a newly-owned or rescued pet is the reincarnation of their beloved pet that has recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Every dog has a purpose! The statement is not applicable to dogs only, though, and it applies to all voiceless animals. 


6. Animal lover is the best relationship partner because one makes better and caring parents


animal lover family with a dog

Raising four-legged animals is similar to raising kids. Even as adult animals, dogs can understand the primary language, gestures, and postures to recognize almost as much as a human toddler. Our beloved furry friends test our energy, patience, and emotions at times, just like toddlers and teenagers. If your partner can handle a pet with compassion and empathy, you know that your animal lover partner will prove to be a good parent.


Key Takeaways


Animal lovers are some of the most compassionate and responsible people you can meet. Knowing that someone needs to communicate their issues will never go unattended by an animal lover. The unvarying need to pay attention to subtle signals from their furry friends overflows into their human-acquainted matters as well. 

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