5 Fascinating Reasons How Stray Dogs Improve Humans’ Lives

Ever wondered why some people stop in their paths to greet or ‘talk’ to a stray dog?

Do you find it weird? Some people do!

The answer is simple!

Some may agree, and some may not, but dogs enrich our lives by being there by our side in our happy and sad moments.

Look at these amazing facts:

  • More than 80% of dog parents agree their dog “comforts them inestimably”70% say their dog “reminds them to seek out more happiness in life.”
  • Over 65% say their dog “makes them look forward to going back home to receive that unconditional love.”
  • Over 62% say their dog “makes them much more patient and responsible parents.”

Bringing a stray dog home is advantageous for humans in many ways. Apart from being our excellent companion and source of inspiration, there are innumerable mental and physical perks of being a canine parent (many are backed by proven scientific evidence!).

Infographic Stray Dogs

These are some of the brilliant benefits of bringing a stray dog home. You can never go wrong about this decision. Be it health or cuteness, indies make the best pets. A stray dog is just as smart and adorable as other breed dogs, if not better. It’s often their situations which are much worse. Often subjected to mental and physical torture, circumstances of stray dogs deteriorate swiftly in India. Adopting a dog in Delhi is one of the best things you could do, for you as well as your furry friend. By doing this, you are also doing your bit to extend a helping hand towards the needy.

Are you ready to enjoy the perks of being a four-legged parent?

Adopt Now!

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