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Dog Care Handshake with Ittika

It's never too late to be Kind!

Guided by consideration, fortitude and effectiveness, LTTW is a non-profit organization for rescuing stray dogs and adoption. It endeavors to help street dogs from cruelty, deadly diseases and abandonment. The founder of Let The Tails Wag, Ittika Duggal has rescued stray dogs in Delhi in getting sterilized and regular vaccinations and necessary treatments. The website covers all the information you need to know about canine care & health, how to rescue stray dogs and stray dogs adoption. 

Let’s become Voice of the voiceless! Let’s give them a second chance…

Rescue one until there are none!

Did you know?​

Each year, a significant number of stray dogs die in Delhi due to homelessness and hunger. Isn’t it a matter of concern for us? A small act of kindness can change the life of our furry friends. Save a life today. Help street dogs in Delhi. Give them the love and life they deserve. 

They will die waiting for you in the shelters! You still want to BUY a pure-bred?

Breed or Stray, regardless of their appearance, they are ‘man’s Best Friend’. Act different! Don’t judge them by their appearance. Do not pity a stray dog. If you can’t take one home, sponsor, rescue and shower your Love!

sad stray puppy in shelter


​Happy Paw-Parents​

Pet parents and animal lovers rely on Let The Tails Wag to help stray dogs. Here’s what our happy paw-parents had to say…

Chetan kissing Rescued Stray Dog

I got prompt response and immediate help from LTTW in adoption of my forever love ‘Dara’. Till date, Ittika provides me complete medical guidance, dog rescue and assistance.


Prabha Hugging street dog

I have known Ittika for a long time. She does a great job in feeding, rescuing and sterilizing the street dogs in our community. I took help of LTTW in many occasions for sterilization and on spot treatments of these dogs as I had no awareness of rescuing stray dogs.


Anusha adopted street dog

I am not an animal lover like Ittika. But whenever i see any stray dog in distress, I immediately contact her without having second thought. She has helped many families in adoption and rescue of stray puppies.


Let's Donate for Dogs!​

Be the reason a LIFE on the road smiles today! Every small or big amount of kindness makes a BIG difference. Your ‘Paw Friends’ woof you for your donations. Choose your type of donations from the ‘Canine Wishlist’. Your contributions can be used in our next stray dog rescue! 

Elsa Female Stray Dog

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Want to give your fluffy friend a better life?